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November 13, 2005


valerie thompson

Will you be posting a semi transcript of the event? Please email me if you do.

Mr J Jackson

…If another day comes when I walk into work and my boss tells me I have to phone BT (again) I will kill myself. This is not a joke! And it isnt funny! I was just sitting here talking to my friend about how I was going to set up a “I hate BT” website and it seems (to no surprise) it has already been done!

I have to say before I relay my script to you as I do to 10 members of BT a day that I am not out to destroy the reputation of BT as I’m sure alot of people are happy with the service they offer.

…but I’m sure EVERYONE must agree BT have the worse customer service in the whole world!

I work for a small business that has recently moved in to a shop and I (being the admin guy) have to set up the broadband, business mobiles and phone line. I spoke to someone in early Feb in the business sales team and agreed a contract and dates to fit the lines (both being set on the same day.) And also agreed a mobile phone contract which headset options were sent through to me via e-mail, I responded with the choice of phones and was told over the phone (on another call) that the set’s were on the way. The BT engineer arrived drunk and kept leaving to “get parts” for about an hour in total. He then told me he was only there to fit the phone lines and not the internet and to call BT. I’m (personally :’( ) right on the phone to BT and was informed that noone ever told me that the lines would be set up on the same day and I must be lying, okkk…I’m still pretty calm but tense as the reason I phoned early in the month was to be sure everything was set up and ready to go! The internet is now going to be installed in 5 days which is no good to us (and loses us money) but I cant dop anything else. NO MATTER HOW MANY HOURS I AM LIED TO OR TOLD TO GO TO A DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTTTTTTTTT AND HUNG UP ON AND LIED TO A BIT MOREEE! 2 weeks later (23 hours in calls) and alot of stress and thoughts about death I now have a cancelled mobile phone contact (cancelled twice) a day wasted with the business support team trying to use a homehub at my business address with no1 thinking of tellin me I needed a business hub (which should have arrived 2 days before - more money) a phone line in the back room rather than reception and a large bill (for what!??!) plus calls. STAY AWAY FROM BT < …oh wait you cant…I am sorry we as humans have to deal with this ****

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