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January 09, 2006



I found this very interesting. It matches exactly some stuff that I am seeing / feeling.

Since we're into similar stuff I will continue to monitor your blog for more nuggety wisdom.



Interesting views, I agree that the web 2.0 landscape seems a bit desert in Europe at the moment, but this will change over the next 6 months.

But my take on the new web 2.0 companies is also that, compared to the first first wave of .com (which I truly enjoyed), you can now be in business with very low investment, start making some money with AdSense and rely on buzz and your net promoters community to take off.
So my question: what's left for the VCs here? Connections with Yahoo! and Google are probably more important.
Maybe this is why VCs do not see many startups coming their ways at the moment.

Nice to start a conversation with you on this.


Mike Butcher

I think a few new things will have been kicked off after a conference I covered sparked some interest: http://mbites.com/web_2_wave_or_bubble

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